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All 3 Star Altar Dragon Vs All 3 Star Marksman

15 Agustus 2020   13:23 Diperbarui: 15 Agustus 2020   13:51 12 0 0

Yoo gaes this video is match 6 between all 3 star altar dragon vs all 3 star marksman on magic chess synergy league which one who will the best synergy magic chess on match 6? 

This League consists of 10 teams in one outstanding clasement gonna be home and away . Each team will meet 2 time each other. Win team get 3 point , and lose team get 0 point.  

Match 6 League Line Up 

All 3 star altar dragon : wanwan, ling, zilong, yu zhong, luo yi, and akai 

All 3 star marksman : karrie, claude, irithel, bruno, miya, and moskov 

dok. pribadi
dok. pribadi